Past Projects

Nutrient Impacts on Crymlyn Bog SAC

An assessment of the levels of nutrient input to Wales’ largest lowland wetland (Crymlyn Bog SAC) and its impacts on the vegetation. This involved the construction of a nutrient budget for the wetland, utilising a considerable amount of data on the concentrations of nutrients available to plants in the fen peats, as well as in the water courses entering and leaving the wetland. This was used by the Environment Agency to establish the critical loads for the European protected habitats at the site.

Wood anemone

Assessment of the impacts of large herbivores, including red deer and sheep on upland and woodland habitats

Assessments of the levels of grazing and trampling impacts from deer and sheep have been carried out eighteen sites, including seven SACs and nine SSSIs in the Scottish Highlands for SNH, former Deer Commission for Scotland and private estates, over a period of ten years. This involved organising teams of up to six surveyors with significant upland habitat experience to assess the levels of browsing, grazing and trampling on high altitude, steep and boggy terrain, from the peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland, the mountains of the Strathglass Complex SAC to the mountains of the central Highlands of Scotland, including Caenlochan and Beinn a’ Ghlo. This work involved close liaison with estates to minimise the disturbance to red deer and grouse.